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An Agreement of Your Own 

Mediation is a VOLUNTARY process – nothing happens without your agreement. Therefore, the parties not the Court are in control. We start with a orientation to discuss the process and determine if mediation is the right fit for you.  After a series of sessions tailored to address your specific issues and concerns, options are identified and negotiations take place. A successful mediation ends with a Memorandum of Understanding setting forth the agreement reached by the parties.  This Memo is then taken to the parties’ respective attorneys to draft a Marital Settlement Agreement, Custody Stipulation and/or Support Stipulation. You can also cover with a mediator topics that a court would not address such as creating a budget, security for payments, and estate planning. Parties are much more likely to adhere to an agreement they reach together. 


You will be advised and encouraged to seek independent legal counsel for consultation throughout the process and to draft a legally enforceable agreement based on your Memorandum of Understanding. 

Couple in Mediation
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Providing alternatives to empower families to amicably resolve their legal disputes 
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