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Collaborative Law 

The collaborative lawyer’s sole role is representing you in negotiating a settlement not preparing for court. Both parties are represented individually by trained collaborative lawyers. The settlement process typically involves the assistance of other professionals such as valuation experts, accountants, financial advisors and/or mental health professionals. If a settlement cannot be reached, the lawyers must withdraw and the parties must hire new attorneys should they wish to litigate their matters. The Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act was passed on June 28, 2018 encouraging the process and setting forth the standards for the process. The Participation Agreement signed at the outset by the parties, counsel and any experts is essential to the process and controls the process. 


Our experienced attorneys can walk you through the divorce, support, and/or custody process and explain the law. We provide advice on what a Court would do, but also provide creative settlement options for you with consideration of your current and future needs.  Through years of practice, we are experts in guiding you through the process and negotiating settlements. We have strong relationships with many well-known experts in  other professional fields to assist in the settlement process. 

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Providing alternatives to empower families to amicably resolve their legal disputes 
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