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To obtain a divorce decree in Pennsylvania, you must address your economic issues (division of assets and debts, and alimony) by way of a Court Order or Agreement.  The process through the Courts can take one to two years.  The Judge’s decision can be appealed to a higher Court.  As you can imagine, this is a long and costly process. If you cannot reach an agreement, binding arbitration provides another way to address the issues without the time and costs related to litigation. 


After a final hearing is conducted in arbitration, we will issue a comprehensive Arbitration Award in approximately 30 days setting forth a detailed analysis of the parties’ positions on each issue and a decision as to each issue.  Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, this Award is final, binding and not subject to appeal and can be enforced through the Court.

Efficient Process 

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Providing alternatives to empower families to amicably resolve their legal disputes 
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