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Expeditious Process & Individualized Attention 

In Pennsylvania, a contested divorce typically involves at least a one year waiting period prior to the case moving into the court system to address the financial issues attendant to the divorce. Thereafter, your case may linger the court system for many more years.  In the alternative, if the parties agree to arbitration, an arbitrator can conduct all pre-arbitration conferences and the hearing, and make a decision within three to six months.  Thereafter, a divorce decree can be promptly entered. 


Today, courts dockets are especially backlogged because of the COVID pandemic making an already inefficient system even more time consuming and expensive.  Unlike the Court system, our arbitrators can give your case individualized attention so that an Award is comprehensive and well-reasoned – this is especially important when complex assets are involved.

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Providing alternatives to empower families to amicably resolve their legal disputes 
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